Planning Meeting of the FCHS, 1974

Meeting site: Chicago, at the annual AHA annual meeting


Alan Schom (Southern Connecticut State College)

Alf Andrew Heggoy (University of Georgia)

Ray Betts (University of Kentucky)

Bill Cohen (University of Kentucky)

David Gardinier (Marquette University)

Jim Cooke (University of Mississippi)

There was a seventh individual, either Ken Perkins (University of South Carolina) or Kim Munholland (University of Minnesota)

Joys and Pains of Infancy, 1974-1980

Meeting sites:

1974: Organizational meeting, Chicago, AHA meeting

1975: First conference, Athens, Georgia (University of Georgia)

1976: Second conference, Milwaukee (Marquette & U. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

1977: Third conference, Montreal (Concordia University)

1978: Fourth conference, Oxford, MS (University of Mississippi)

1979: Fifth conference, Atlantic Beach (University of Florida)


1975-76: Alan Schom (Southern Connecticut State University)

1976-78: Alf Heggoy (University of Georgia)

1978-1980: David Gardinier (Marquette)


French Colonial Studies, Volume 1, eds. Ray Betts and Kim Munholland (1977)

French Colonial Studies, Volume 2, eds. Betts and Munholland (1978)

Proceedings, Volume 1, ed. Alf Heggoy (1976)

Proceedings, Volume 2, eds. Heggoy and David Gardinier (1977)

Proceedings, Volume 3, ed. Heggoy (1978)

Proceedings, Volume 4, eds. Heggoy and Jim Cooke (1979)

Years of Crisis: 1980-84

Meeting sites:

1980: Bloomington, IN (Indiana University)

1981: Lafayette, LA (U. of Southwest Louisiana; now U. of Louisiana, Lafayette)

1982: Evanston, IL (Northwestern University)

1983: Ottawa (University of Ottawa and Carleton University)


1980-82: Alf Heggoy (University of Georgia)

1982-84: Peter Fitzgerald (Carleton University)


Proceedings, Vol. 5, ed. Jim Cooke

Proceedings, Vol. 6, ed. Cooke

Proceedings, Vol. 7, ed. Cooke

Proceedings, Vol. 8, ed. Peter Fitzgerald (1983)

Years of Stabilization and Renewal, 1984-94
Meeting sites:

1984: Huntsville, AL (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

1985: Québec (Université Laval)

1986: Sainte Genevieve, MO (Illinois State University)

1987: South Bend, IN (University of Indiana at South Bend)

1988: Natchez, MS (University of South Alabama)

1989: Martinique and Guadeloupe

1990: Mackinac Island, MI (Northern Michigan University)

1991: Chicago (Newberry Library)

1992: Montréal (McGill University)

1993: Providence, RI (John Carter Brown Library)

1994: Cleveland, OH (Cleveland State University)


1984-86: Philip Boucher (University of Alabama in Huntsville)

1986-89: Cornelius Jaenen (University of Ottawa)

1989-91: Charles Balesi (Chicago Public Schools)

1991-93: Patricia Galloway (Mississippi State Archives)

1993-95: Bill Shorrock (Cleveland State University)


Proceedings, Vol. 9, ed. Peter Fitzgerald (never appeared)

Proceedings, Vol. 10, ed. Philip Boucher (1985)

Proceedings, Vol. 11, eds. Serge Courville and Boucher (1987)

Proceedings, Vol. 12 eds. Courville and Boucher (1988)

Proceedings, Vol. 13&14 ed. Boucher (1990)

Proceedings, Vol. 15, eds. Patricia Galloway and Boucher (1991)

Proceedings, Vol. 16 ed. Galloway (1992)

Proceedings, Vol. 17 ed. Galloway (1993)

Proceedings, Vol. 18 ed. James Pritchard (1993)

Proceedings, Vol. 19 ed. Pritchard (1994)

Proceedings, Vol. 20 ed. A.J.B. (John) Johnston (1995)

French Colonial Studies, Vol. 3 eds. Betts and Munholland (1986). Last in series.

The Glory Years, 1995-2005

Meeting sites:

1995: Sydney and Louisbourg, (University College of Cape Breton)

1996: Poitiers, France (Université de Poitiers)

1997: Midland, Ontario (Trent University and Sainte-Marie-among the-Hurons)

1998: Monterey, CA (Naval War College)

1999: New Orleans, LA (University of South Alabama and Mississippi Archives)

2000: Charleston, SC (College of Charleston)

2001: Detroit and East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University)

2002: New Haven, CT (Yale University)

2003: Toulouse, France (Université de Toulouse Le Mirail)


1995-97: Dale Standen (Trent University)

1997-99: Doug Porch (Naval War College)

1999-2001: Dale Miquelon (University of Saskatchewan)

2001-03: A.J.B. (John) Johnston (Parks Canada)

2003-05: Bob DuPlessis (Swarthmore College)


Proceedings, Vol. 21 ed. Johnston (titled Essays in French Colonial History, 1997)

Proceedings, Vol. 22 ed. David Buisseret (titled France in the New World, 1998)

French Colonial History, Vol. 1 ed. Dale Standen (2002)

French Colonial History, Vol. 2 ed. Bob DuPlessis (2002)

French Colonial History, Vol. 3 ed. DuPlessis (2003)

French Colonial History, Vol. 4 ed. DuPlessis (2003)

French Colonial History, Vol. 5 ed. Patricia Galloway (2004)

FCHS: The Next Generation, 2006-

Meeting sites:

2006: Dakar, Senegal (Université Cheik Anta Diop)

2007: La Rochelle, France (Université de La Rochelle)

2008: Québec, Canada (Université Laval)

2009: San Francisco, CA (San Francisco State University)

2010: Paris (Universté Paris 8)

2011: Toronto, Canada (University of Toronto)

2012: New Orleans, LA (Tulane University)

2013: Louisbourg, Canada (Cape Breton University/Parks Canada)

2014: Siem Reap, Cambodia (Pannasastra University of Cambodia--Siem Reap/Center for Khmer Studies)

2015: Binghamton, NY (Binghamton University, SUNY)

2016: Ottawa, Canada (University of Ottawa)

2017: Aix-en-Provence, France (Archives départementales d'outre-mer)

2018: Seattle, WA (Seattle University, University of Washington, Washington State University, Western Washington University)

2019: Longueuil/Montréal (Université de Sherbrooke, campus de Longueuil)


2006-2008: Sue Peabody (Washington State University Vancouver)

2008-2010: Michael Vann (California State University Sacramento)

2010-2012: Ruth Ginio (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)

2012-2014: Kenneth Orosz (Buffalo State College)

2014-2016: Nathalie Dessens (Université de Toulouse)

2016-2018: Jennifer Sessions (University of Iowa)

2018-2020: Richard Fogarty (University at Albany, SUNY)



French Colonial History, Vol. 6 ed. Patricia Galloway (2005)

French Colonial History, Vol. 7 ed. Leslie Choquette (2006)

French Colonial History, Vol. 8 ed. Leslie Choquette (2007)

French Colonial History, Vol. 9 ed. Elizabeth Demers (2008)

French Colonial History, Vol. 10 ed. Elizabeth Demers (2009)

French Colonial History, Vol. 11 ed. Nathalie Dessens (2010)

French Colonial History, Vol. 12 ed. Nathalie Dessens (2011)

French Colonial History, Vol. 13 ed. Nathalie Dessens (2012)

French Colonial History, Vol. 14 ed. Jeremy Rich (2013)

French Colonial History, Vol. 15 ed. Jeremy Rich (2014)

French Colonial History, Vol. 16 ed. Micheline Lessard (2016)

French Colonial History, Vol. 17 ed. Kenneth Orosz (2017)