FCHS Annual Meeting Update

Dear Colleagues,

You are no doubt following news of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and many of you will be wondering about the implications of this situation for our upcoming conference in Buffalo at the end of May. Although that is nearly three months away, there is no way of knowing whether current concerns about and restrictions on travel and large gatherings will have disappeared by that time. We write today to assure you that we are following developments closely, and are in conversation about contingency planning. At this point, we feel it is too soon to make a final decision about whether the conference can go forward as planned, but we will be sure to make a decision in the coming weeks in plenty of time for FCHS members and conference participants to plan accordingly. And please be assured that in making this decision, ensuring the safety of all of our members is our very highest priority. We will provide updates regularly as we have them, and will communicate any essential information immediately. In the meantime, we wish everyone the very best during this difficult time.


The FCHS Executive Committee, Officers, and Annual Meeting Organizers